Recruitment Success

      Recruitment has been Delta Chi’s main focus ever since the 2015-2016 school year, and this year we’ve hit the ground running. Last fall, accompanying our new house, we had our largest Associate Member class since becoming a chapter again at Iowa State and this fall has been even more successful. Over the summer, we had two recruitment chairs living in house that were in constant contact with incoming freshman attending orientation. Once in contact, they would extend the invitation for a house tour.

      One of the most effective strategies our recruitment chairmen implemented was having one on one contact with potential new members (PNMs). After giving a housing tour, if they felt a PNM would be a good fit for the chapter, they would arrange another meeting with that person. This led to more meaningful conversation and ultimately, more signed bids. Throughout the summer this style of recruitment was our priority.

      Associate members are our greatest assets to the recruitment process. With this mentality and having all the guys back in Ames for the school year, we were able to shift our recruitment style for the Fall. We started off the school year with a Rush week and had events every night. These events ranged from grill outs at the house to black light dodgeball. Following our rush week, we continued to utilize the one on one increment style while having larger events scattered throughout the week. This system served as an effective way to build individual connections with the PNMs, as well as with the whole chapter.

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